Physician Testimonials

"MD Agility helped get our office organized. With the volume of calls we receive everyday, it was hard to keep up. Now, because of MD Agility, we have several people answering the phones at once. Things go a lot smoother and our patients are happier. It allows, the receptionist, to get her work done and to better help the patients who come into the office. The employees are friendly, smart and professional and it's a pleasure working with them. They are always checking in with us to make sure we are happy and to see if they can do anything to enhance their services. With the growing population, this service is a MUST. Our office would highly recommend MD Agility."

Family Physician in Sarnia, Ontario using MD Agility’s services since 2015.

“The MDAgility service has freed up some valuable time for my front desk team to attend to filling up our schedule with more Dentistry and following up on patients. Inbound calls are being routed and dealt with in an efficient manner that we can trust will have the same level of service we are known for and with the same level of proficiency.
I am now more than ever comfortable in knowing that there is always someone answering the phone. Patients are attended to and scheduled efficiently into our schedule even after hours.”

Dentist in Thornhill, Ontario using MD Agility's Services since 2015

"I am a family physician for the last 30 years. I am fortunate enough to have dedicated receptionists who have worked hard all these years.

With time, the incoming phone calls have risen up to about 100 per day. We had tried many different ways throughout the years to tame and handle the volume of calls with no success. All the other necessary tasks related to a family practice get less /or half of the attention as the result of this volume. It just breeds inefficiency at the end of the day, and everyone is frustrated."

MD agility literally breathes new life to the daily operation of the clinic. MD Agility knows the work of a busy clinic, and they take the time to customize the operation to each of the clinic needs. All of their medical admin are well-received and trained to do the work thoroughly. It frees my front line receptionists to do other MOA work inherent in any practice. Work gets done efficiently; patients’ complaints about busy phone lines have decreased significantly.

My clinic cannot imagine going back to the older way.”

Family Physician in Toroto, Ontario using MD Agility’s services since 2015.

"We have used MD Agility for the last 2 years and have been impressed with the quality and reliability of their service. Patients have appreciated the reduced phone wait times. We use MD Agility to answer all of our phone calls, it has been a godsend to the staff as it has freed their time to do in-office patient interactive tasks and not be tied up on the phone. When we are short staffed (due to staff illness or holidays) or when staff get backlogged with paperwork , MD Agility takes up the slack by managing patient recalls, physician messages via the EMR, scanning reports and making referrals. I don't know how we managed without a service like this all these years. A MD virtual office seems to be the way of the future!"

Family Physician in Markham, Ontario using MD Agility’s services since 2015.

“Prior to using MD Agility we had hundreds of voicemails piling up with constant complaints from referring physicians not being able to get through to our office. We had thousands of faxes always about 4 to 6 weeks behind, our staff could not keep up with the heavy load of administration work our office experiences. After 2 months of using MD Agility’s fax management service our faxes were always up to date without a backlog. All of the voicemails were cleared and since they answer over 500 calls a day for our office promptly, we have no voicemails to deal with. Our admin work backlog is none existent and our communication with our referring physician could not be better. Thanks to MD Agility’s guidance and detailed monthly reporting we have made many key improvements to our office. We would recommend the service to all our colleagues.”

Cardiologist from Newmarket, Ontario using MD Agility’s services since 2013.

“Our office has been using MD Agility for over a year and a half. We have a very busy practice (2500 patients) and our patients were unhappy because it was hard to get through on our phone lines. We hired MD Agility to answer all over flow calls that our receptionists couldn't get to. The patients are much happier now that they are able to get through to us and we couldn't be happier with the reliable service. Calls are answered promptly and professionally, the quality assurance aspect is outstanding and on the rare occasions that an issue arises, they are very quick to rectify the situation. We would highly recommend MD Agility! ”

Family Physician in Barrie, Ontario using MD Agility’s services since 2016.

"I am a family physician practicing in a rural area in Ontario and have been using the services of MD Agility Inc. for over a year. I am very satisfied with their service and highly recommend it.

MD Agility has been extremely helpful in maintaining continuity of care for my patients and significantly cut down outside use and ensuing penalties. Our patients have expressed their satisfaction with the phone service as now they know that their call will be answered even at high call volume times.

MD agility has worked closely with me to find the best staff to support my needs and has always been kind, courteous, professional, supportive and helpful. Also, now I do not have to worry about staffing problems for holidays or sick days, payroll, income tax forms as MD agility takes care of all of this. Moreover, when the internet service is down in my office, I can rely upon them as an excellent backup service to ensure that there is minimal disruption of my very busy practice.

When I am away from the office or on holiday, patients can still call them and through instant messaging or messaging feature of my EMR, they can contact me if necessary. This improves patient care and satisfaction while decreasing outside use and subsequent financial penalty.

I would highly recommend MD Agility to all physicians and clinics for smooth and efficient running of your practice."

Family Physician in Alliston, Ontario using MD Agility's services since 2016.