About Us

Providing custom-tailored and high-quality medical administration services for all your clinic’s needs.

Working alongside healthcare providers for over 10 years.

MD Agility is a specialized off-site Medical reception service that acts as an extension of your medical practice. Taking most of the workload off your in-house staff.

We will ensure that your outsourced scheduling and reception service program is staffed and managed in a professional, efficient, and cost-effective manner. 

A complete medical reception solution.

We are your complete medical reception solution for your busy practice. Our receptionist team can handle all or the overflow of your incoming calls, appointment scheduling, emails, faxes, referral management, recalls, reminder calls and much more.  

the founder

Nitza Shamiss

Nitza has been at the helm of the company since 2013. Her passion for providing patients with the highest standard of service is deeply rooted in her upbringing, having grown up in a family filled with entrepreneurs and doctors.

Nitza is committed to treating every member of MD Agility with dignity and respect. Nitza is also an avid nature lover, an accomplished painter and enjoys spending quality time with her family.

HIPPA Compliance

Protected Messages

Messages are encrypted end-to-end using Cloud Healthcare API.

Secure Call Recordings

Password-protected call recordings are stored with HIPAA-compliant Simple Storage Service.

HIPAA-Trained Receptionists

Our virtual medical receptionists write every message in accordance with HIPAA standards.

A complete solution for your busy practice.