MD agility will customize our services to your specific office needs. Whether
you are a solo practitioner or part of a larger multi-provider clinic, we have
the experience and knowledge to service your practice.  Our services are
tailored to help your office and assist with all your medical reception

  • We process all calls according to your specifications, truly appearing to the caller as if we are sitting in your office.
  • We can eliminate dealing with staff undependability, along with salary and overhead expenses.
  • We have been providing exceptional service to over 250 physicians for over 10 years.
  • Our staff are fluent in English, and we can provide multilingual patient support depending on what your practice language needs are. We currently provide support with over 12 different languages to our clients.
  • Our Medical Reception has offices in United States & in Canada.

Our staff are all medical administrators with a degree in either medical administration, health sciences or nursing from a college and/or University.

HIPAA requires healthcare organizations to store patient information in a format that is secure from data breaches and accessible only to appropriate individuals.  All our staff are trained, and all calls, emails, faxes, and messages are in accordance with HIPPA standards.

No, MD Agility works directly with your existing EMR. Our IT team will
seamlessly integrate our off-site service to whichever EMR you are using. We
currently support many EMRs and are experts on their day-to-day operation.
Your telephone number remains the same so there is no change for your
patients. No set up is required on your part.

There will be a team assigned to each practice based on the call and work volumes. We custom individual protocols for each office along with the physicians and/or management. Our state-of-the-art system indicates which medical office the call is for, and the calls are promptly answered.  All calls are recorded for quality assurance.

We can always be easily contacted. Your office would be provided a direct line of contact that allows you to discuss any urgent matters with your assigned staff. This is normally done through the EMR chat messaging, direct phone call, or email.  Whatever you prefer. Again, we customize our services for you.

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